The future for New Zealand homes



For every New Zealand home



We bring comfort and flexibility to your home.

Whether it‘s a new build or retrofit, our system is priced the same as any other electrical installation. This allows every Kiwi home to experience the future.

Lights, heating, music
and more

All from one touch of your smartphone.
It can be controlled with all your standard switches too.
This is just the beginning!

We offer free, no obligation quotes and consultations. Make an appointment to  view our demo house, we would love to show you all the benefits we have to offer.


Home automation is more than just a word – it’s comfort!

Imagine heading home on a winters night? With us, you can use your phone to turn the heating on, so you can have a warm welcome. What about visitors? Turn on the party-lights all around the house with just one touch. Efficiency? be sure your blinds close automatically when the sun sets, to keep that valuable heat in. Worried about Security ? Check that all doors are locked with just one glimpse. Don’t forget convenience, have the garage open automatically when you approach. Future? Its already here!

K·N·XTRA is bringing the latest technology to New Zealand and making it affordable for every Kiwi home.

Working with companies worldwide, we do not only offer affordable prices but also an unlimited fantasy. You can have total control of your home at a price more competitive then you could ever imagine. Send us your plans, lets share ideas

We are able to install KNX into all homes at the same cost as any other New Zealand installation, while getting all the benefits. We have facility’s in New Zealand and also have the support of master programmers across Europe giving you 24/7 support on all areas from basic, to highly advanced aspect of our system.

With all the benefits knx can offer, why not to lock the future into your house today.

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