The Demo House

The future for New Zealand homes  

Demo House

We decided late last year that we would like to give the people of New Zealand an interactive system where they can come and gain insight, operate and see the true functionality of what we have to offer.

With that in mind we set to work, not only to offer sleek functionalities but to show you the energy savings and other various benefits of our system. The house we use was built in the 70s and has 3 levels.

This enabled us to show the various levels of installation that are on offer; basic, medium and high-level installation as well as showing that retrofits are possible.

Let me walk you through the floors.

The main entrance and walkway for the house is positioned on the top floor, along with two bedrooms, both with ensuites. We have installed the basic level of installation on this floor. This will give you just a small taste of what the system can do and showcase how simple and effective it is.

On this floor we have used our KNX system integrated with standard New Zealand switches. This keeps the costs lower while still achieving the great functions of KNX. This floor also includes one touch dimming, normal on/off lights, fan control and automatic sensors which monitor movement and will turn the lights on or off, depending if anyone is in the room or when you leave the house.

This floor level shows that we can install a much smarter electrical system with more functionality and energy savings, all for the same price as any other standard system. Plus, all of this can be controlled by your mobile device, tablet or laptop.

Top Floor

Middle floor

Moving through the top floor down to the middle level, includes the living area, piano area, kitchen and dining. This floor also includes a bedroom, bathroom and an office/sunroom.

On this floor we have moved away from the standard New Zealand switches and opted for something a little more sophisticated, the official KNX switches. These consist of a mixture of push button switches and glass panels touch screens.

Starting with the basic function from the top floor, we have made extra functions available on this level. These include integrated underfloor heating control, music and entertainment control (with the use of Sonos ), blind and shutter control.

The KNX glass panel switches add an elegance and sophistication to a room while still being at a very affordable price. You are able to control not only your lighting, but your heating as well with the on screen display.

The ground floor is fully self-contained with a kitchen, bathroom/laundry, 2 bedrooms and a living area. This floor was stripped back entirely to the timber frames to achieve a new fresh design. This gave us the opportunity to install top of the line products and the best functionality with a very clean installation.

On this floor we had free reign to really see what the system can do in a residential house. We have kept with the same KNX glass panel as the middle floor but have also included integrated iPad and voice control for the whole ground floor. There are different ranges of glass switches throughout the rooms to showcase the different styles.

This floor also includes sensors to allow the user to check if there are any open windows or doors while they are away from their home. A weather station was installed which shows the outside temperature, wind speed and moisture readings; this helps heat the house more efficiently.

An iPad has been integrated with one of glass panels to control the Mitsubishi Heat pump and central underfloor water heating, which is also controlled using the heat pump. There is also RGBW LED control, RGBW is used for altering the colour of LED strip to which ever colour you choose.

Ground Floor