ABB A42 111-100 transducer counter “steel” single phase 6A

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AC meter for measuring single-phase networks via a CTVT converter connection (converter ratio configurable for current and voltage) up to a maximum of 6 A.
The following values ​​are output on a white backlit display with up to 7 digits:
– Active energy (class 1)
– Power, current , Voltage (LN) and frequency
Communication can take place via the integrated infrared interface for connecting a KNX module.
The energy meter has an output. This can be used either as a pulse output for output of the active energy or as an alarm output. Up to 25 alarm values ​​(threshold values ​​with time delay) can be set here.
Meter is calibrated according to MID and approved according to IEC. The installation width is 4 DIN modules.
Technical data
Dimensions (LxWxH): 70.0 x 65.0 x 97.0 mm
Weight: 0.197 kg
Degree of protection: IP20
Communication: Infrared
frequency (f): 60 Hz Mounting
type: DIN notes
Number of phases: 1 Rated
current: 6 A
rated voltage : 57-288 V
Accuracy class: B (Kl.1)
Inputs / outputs: pulse output


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