GIRA 262097 Door communication system IP gateway 5 licenses

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The DCS-IP gateway converts the signals from the Gira door communication system to the network protocol level (IP) and thus enables the integration of network-compatible devices such as computers, video IP telephones and IP cameras.
DCS Communicator
With the “DCS Communicator” software, commercially available computers as well as PC-based control devices such as the Gira Control 9 Client or the Gira Control 19 Client can be used as home stations via the network connection. The DCS communicator offers all the functions of a video home station, such as accepting calls, switching lights (in conjunction with a switch actuator) or opening a door.
The following operating systems are supported by the TKS Communicator: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
The connection to the HomeServer3 or FacilityServer via a plug-in enables the display in the Gira Interface. Logic modules can be used to implement new application options, such as access control using the Gira KeylessIn products.
The following license models are available:

* 2620 97: 5 DCS communicators active at the same time
* 2620 98: 10 DCS communicators active at the same time
* 2620 99: 20 DCS communicators active at the same time

With the license models, note that the DCS communicator can be set to any can be installed on many devices. The number specified in the license model only indicates the number of DCS communicators logged on at the same time.
The DCS-IP gateway is commissioned via the web interface. For commissioning via the web interface, the commissioning computer must have an up-to-date browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Chrome).
The additional voltage supply for door communication 1296 00 is required to supply the DCS-IP gateway with power.

Power supply: 24 V DC
Connections: 2 screw terminals Power supply
2 screw terminals 2-wire bus OUT
2 screw terminals 2-wire bus IN
1 RJ 45 network connection, 10/100 Mbit
Temperature range: -5 degrees C to +50 degrees C
Dimensions: REG device with 6 TE
Supported resolution: CIF with standard image resolution
Power consumption: 1.6 W (standby)
5.0 W (call mode)

Video control unit
1288 00
Additional power supply
1296 00


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