ARCUS SK10-TC-KTF1 KNX Temperature Sensor / – Controller with duct guide

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The KNX-Sensor SK10-TC-KTF1 is used for measuring and controlling indoor air temperature


• Air temperature ( sensor on housing ) also weighted with external
• Control functions for heating and cooling applications ( can be combined )
• Setpoint temperatures for Comfort, Standby, Economy and Protection,
selectable via KNX HVAC objects
• Setpoint change via objects
• Storage of minimum- and maximum-temperature
• Heat- and frost-alarm
• Limits for temperature
• Fan control by external inputs
• Adaptation for setpoint and maximum temperatures
• Controller output 0…100% or programmable PWM for thermal actuators
• Valve rinse function
• Second temperature controller as auxiliary controller
Four logic blocks for the logical link between internal and external signals.
• 10 associated logic inputs / outputs
• Heat- and cooling-request as additionally available signals
• Functions “AND, OR, NOT, XOR” for binary logic
• Functions “+ – *” for 8-bit values
• Function “=” for conditional forwarding of events