BAB-TEC 10304 EIBPORT LAN KNX TP + GSM Gateway Version 3

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Thanks to the browser-based and license-free visualisation, almost any device can be used to control your building automation. Whether Smartphone, Tablet, Touch Panel PC or new Amazon® Alexa: With more than 50 integrated services and its powerful hardware, the EIBPORT is ideally suited for private homes as well as for medium-sized commercial buildings. Whether complex projects with individual visualisations or the elegant CUBEVISION 2 visualisation for the intelligent home – the flexible architecture of the EIBPORT makes it a universal, future-proof tool.



With CONTROL L you can create visualisations which are fully adapted to the wishes of your customers. Even the most complex customer requirements can be met with the help of given style sheets and individual control elements. Thanks to a live preview, you can simulate the visualisation without interrupting the running system operation. With the graphical LOGIKEDITOR, our EIBPORT is well equipped for the most demanding automation tasks. The user-friendly interface, intelligent tools and the simulation mode including time scaling allow you to create and test logic groups for their function before you activate them.



The integrated VPN server offers highest security for remote access. Via GSM or the new LTE interface, you can reach your home even if there is no internet connection available. As a rail-mounted device, the EIBPORT is placed tamper-proof in the sub-distribution.



The EIBPORT does not only offer automation functions. By using universal network interfaces like UDP, REST-API and HTTP-Request, the integration of many third party applications is a simple matter. A standard 1-Wire and S0 interface also extend the portfolio with inexpensive sensor technology. Voice control with Amazon® Alexa is supported as well as the connection to Internet services such as IFTTT.



Whether touch panel PC, smartphone or tablet. The EIBPORT offers a consistent visualisation on almost all end devices. No additional license costs or data point limitation. With its flexible architecture, the EIBPORT ensures that new functions will be available to you in the future via free updates.



The EIBPORT offers a maximum of security and maintainability. In addition to current encryption technologies, it is equipped with its own «Team Viewer». If remote access is desired by the user, it is activated by simply pressing one single button. Complicated configuration changes to the router are no longer necessary. Using an encrypted connection, you can even program the KNX installation and the EIBPORT by yourself from any location. New: With the aid of the integrated recovery environment the device can now easily be reset to the delivery state.


By using the EIBPORT the KNX / EnOcean automation is extended many times over. The connection to the IP network enables numerous other applications. The also available connection options for 1-Wire and S0 products allow the integration of a variety of cost-effective components. Arbitrary control units, such as smartphones, tablet PCs and also Amazon® Alexa, can access and control the system participants across systems. Network cameras from various manufacturers provide insight into what is happening on site. Multimedia systems can be flexibly integrated with the graphical LOGIKEDITOR or the JOB EDITOR CLASSIC. With the help of BAB SECURELINK, buildings can be securely linked via the Intranet or Internet and integrated into a central property management system. On request, an e-mail or SMS is sent in case of relevant events. New: The optionally available LTE interface enables uncomplicated WAN access via the mobile phone network.