BAB-TEC 10411 DATA LOGGER V2, gateway

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The DATALOGGER V2 is the tool for data recording, control and optimization of automated environments based on KNX.



The DATALOGGER V2 is a powerful DIN rail device for recording KNX telegram data based on MySQL in real time. It receives the data either via KNX/TP or KNXnet/IP. The configuration is done via a user-friendly web interface. Thanks to its integrated KNXnet/IP server, the DATALOGGER V2 fulfils three functions at once: It offers IP router functionality for KNX, records telegram traffic and, if desired, monitors IP and KNX devices. The DATA LOGGER records all data in an internal, or in the case of larger data volumes, in an external MySQL database. The ETS5 project information is used to structure the database automatically. The individually adaptable export takes place in a definable cycle automatically by e-mail, to the connected SDMODULE or manually via the network. By exporting as CSV or XLS files, the data can be used directly and in many different ways.


Thanks to high-efficient hardware, the DATALOGGER V2 also processes large amounts of data (8 GB mSATA2). Based on MySQL, it not only stores the data internally but also in an external database, thus increasing the available data volume. If desired, certain group address ranges can be defined so that only the relevant data is recorded.

On demand, the DATALOGGER V2 monitors any IP and KNX subscribers which are determined via IP or physical addresses and informs the administrator about the connection status. In addition, it is possible to monitor values of individual KNX group addresses. The conditions for notifications of value overruns or underruns are freely definable. The complete recording and the automatic export function of the DATALOGGER V2 are ideal instruments for analyzing processes in automation environments. Faulty KNX applications or incorrect programming can be investigated in no time at all. The «Top 10 function» provides immediate information about the most frequently sent KNX group addresses and thus helps to identify optimization potentials.

Once set up, the DATALOGGER V2 performs its tasks automatically: the data can be recorded and exported in defined cycles by e-mail. Warning messages are issued immediately if there is insufficient memory. Using the ETS4/5 project information, the DATALOGGER V2 structures the recorded data independently.

The multiplatform web interface for configuration simplifies commissioning and enables an intuitive and fast application of important functions, such as setting up e-mail dispatch, user administration and external database connection.

The DATALOGGER V2 is not only used for recording and monitoring – it also offers IP router functionality. The DATALOGGER V2 offers three functions in one device. This reduces the initial costs considerably.

For efficient data analysis, the DATALOGGER V2 offers a targeted export according to time period and group address ranges. The values of the telegrams are automatically scaled during ETS file import and thus form the basis for an exact data analysis based on a CSV, XLS or XML file.
The web interface itself also offers the possibility to view an overview of the database and statistics on KNX telegrams and devices.