ELSNER Air Vision CO2 Indicator

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Air Vision CO2 Indicator Light for Air Quality, with Sensor


Installation location Place Air Vision in the room where you want to measure the air quality. Keep the air slots of the device clear and ensure a distance of 1.50 m from people and objects. Draughts from other rooms or from outside affect the measurement result. Switching on the sensor Connect Air Vision: with the supplied USB charger to a 230 V socket or directly to the USB output of a device such as a PC As soon as Air Vision is connected, all colours light up briefly one after the other to demonstrate the correct function of the LEDs. Air Vision displays the CO2 concentration indoors using a indicator light system. The colour displayed gives a recommendation for ventilation: Green: Good air quality (CO2 1400 ppm). Ventilation required. If the status is “red”, a warning sound can be emitted. Download