Elsner Arexa 230 V

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Arexa 230 V
Window Control


The Arexa Window Control realises your conservatory ventilation. This ensures a controlled air exchange even if no one is at home. The window is opened and closed according to the current room and outdoor temperature. Rain and wind alarms help to protect the equipment. The protection function can be switched off, if not required. After programming of an opening position the window is only opened to the required extent. Connection of several drives as group is possible. This allows, for example, simultaneous control of a number of roof windows.
The drive that should be controlled is directly connected to the weather station, what minimizes the effort for cabling. The weather station and the battery-powered operation unit exchange their data and commands via radio. No cable is required for electricity supply or control data inside the building. So no cable needs to be installed in the rooms! Therefore the Arexa Window Control is an ideal option for retrofitting.