ELSNER Cala Knx Il Co2, Pure White Ral 9010

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CO2 Indicator Light for Air Quality, with Sensor


Cala KNX IL CO2 is an LED light signal that indicates the air quality in the room. The CO2 concentration is measured by the integrated sensor and controls the colour of the light surface. The LED surface lights up or flashes in the colours green, yellow or red.

However, Cala KNX IL CO2 does not only make the carbon dioxide pollution visible. It also regulates the ventilation via KNX accordingly. In some places it makes sense to use a CO2 room average for display and control. For this purpose, Cala KNX IL CO2 can calculate a mixed value from a CO2 value received via the bus and its own value.

The KNX application of the device offers further intelligent functions for the KNX system:

The CO2 value controls switching outputs depending on the limit value.

AND/OR logic gates link states. Values received via communication object are compared and output in the control value comparator.

Cala KNX IL CO2 can also visualise other states in the KNX bus system, e.g. limit value violations or status messages. The functionality then corresponds to that of the Cala KNX IL model.

The CO2 indicator light is inserted into a 55 mm frame of the switch series used in the building and thus fits seamlessly into the interior design.