ELSNER Cala Knx Il, Pure White Ral 9010

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Indicator Light Green/Yellow/Red


The LED area of the Cala KNX IL LED light signal can illuminate or flash in the colours green, yellow or red. This allows states to be visualised for the KNX bus system. E.g. threshold value violations, room occupancy or other status messages can be linked to Cala KNX IL. The colour changes if the set threshold values are exceeded / undercut or if the status changes.

The KNX application of the device offers further intelligent functions for the KNX system:

AND/OR logic gates link states.
Values received via communication object are compared and output in the control value comparator.
Cala KNX IL is inserted into a 55 mm frame of the switch range used in the building and thus fits seamlessly into the interior design.