Elsner Fix P

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Fix P
Pole Mount P03/P04, Suntracer, Vari, Windancer


With the Pole mount Fix P weather stations and sensors can be flexibly fitted to a mast. Following sensors can be fitted to the mast mount:

Weather stations Windancer KNX(-GPS)
Weather stations Suntracer KNX (basic), Suntracer KNX-GPS and KNX-weather sensors
Weather station P03i-GPS (controls WS1 and (KNX) WS1000 Color/Style)
Weather station for the Solexa, Solexa II, Arexa controls
Weather station P03-RS485 and RS485-weather sensors
P03-modbus weather stations
Weather stations Suntracer KNX sl (including light and basic) and KNX slweather sensors
Weather station P04i-GPS (controls WS1 and (KNX) WS100 Color/Style)
Weather stations P04-RS485
Sensors Vari KNX