Elsner Nunio KNX M-T

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Nunio KNX M-T, Universal touch glass push button, Touch button with monochrome display, integrated glass frame


The Nunio KNX M-T push button is a touch switch that be universally used for the KNX building system. It has a monochrome touch display, on which buttons can be displayed in various arrangements. The functions of the buttons are defined individually. As a result, the sensor is extremely flexible with regard to changing requirements (change of tenant in residential or commercial properties, hotel rooms, etc.).

A temperature sensor is integrated into Nunio KNX M-T push button. An external temperature reading can be received via the bus and processed with its own data to create a total temperature (mixed value).

Nunio KNX M-T has a PI controller for heating and cooling. A temperature control display can also be represented on the screen. The target temperature, mode and, if applicable, the fan speed can be set there.

Communication objects can be linked via AND and OR logic gates.

The switch-sized device has an integrated glass frame, which is backlit by the screen’s lighting. It installed in a switch box.