Elsner Remo pro

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Remote control for Elsner RF radio protocol, hand-held transmitter with touch display


The remote control Remo pro’s colour touch-screen can be used to manually control devices and drives. The possible functions are Up/Down/Stop, On/Off and Dimming.
The drives and units can be individually grouped, arranged and named.

The Remo pro remote control is suitable for drives and users of the following devices:

Control units WS1/WS1000 Color, WS1/WS1000 Style, KNX WS1000 Style (version 1.1 and later)
Control units Solexa (version 3.6 and newer), Arexa (version 3.7 and later)
Control unit Solexa II
Ventilators WL400, WL800 and WL-Z
RF-Relays (version 2.0 and later), RF-MSG motor control unit, RF-VM fan module, RF-L dimmer
KNX Touch One (Style)
The device’s software version must be appropriate for interaction with the remote control.