Elsner Sewi KNX AQS/TH-D L-Pr, white RAL 9002/RAL 9003

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Presence, air quality and room climate sensor


The Sensor Sewi KNX AQS/TH-D L-Pr for the KNX bus system captures the presence of persons even in the event of slight movements, such as sedentary activity in the office. Permanentbrightness monitoring means that the light can be switched off from an adjustable brightness value. It measures the CO2 concentration, the temperature, the air humidity and the air pressure and calculates the dewpoint.
Via the bus, the indoor sensor can receive external values of temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration and process it further with its own data to a total value (mixed value, e.g. room average).
All measurement values can be used for the control of limit-dependent switching outputs. States can be linked via AND logic gates and OR logic gates. Multi-function modules change input data as required by means of calculations, querying a condition, or converting the data point type. In addition, an integrated manipulated variable comparator can compare and output variables that were received via communication objects.
Integrated PI-controllers control ventilation (according to humidity or CO2 concentration) and heating/cooling (according to temperature). The Sewi KNX AQS/TH-D L-Pr can output a warning to the bus as soon as the comfort field, as per DIN 1946, is left.