Elsner Solexa 230 V, pearl dark grey brush finished

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Wireless shading control for an awning or blind


The Solexa Shading Control is for opening and retracting an awning or blind dependently of light intensity and room temperature. Outdoor shadings are automatically protected from rain, wind and frost. These alarm functions can be switched off individually. If the blind or awning should not been shut completely by the automatic system setting of customized shading positions is possible. For blinds an additional slat opening angle can be programmed (reversing). A group control relay offers simultaneous control of several drives.

The drive that should be controlled is directly connected to the weather station, what minimizes the effort for cabling. The weather station and the battery-powered operation unit exchange their data and commands via radio. No cable is required for electricity supply or control data inside the building. So no cable needs to be installed in the rooms! Therefor the Solexa Shading Control is an ideal option for retrofitting.

N° 10110 Solexa 230 V, white
N° 10130 Solexa 230 V, aluminium brushed
N° 10131 Solexa 230 V, perl dark grey brushed