Elsner WGTH gl, pure white RAL 9010

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Radio indoor sensor for temperature and humidity for WS1 and WS1000 Color/Style/Connect


The Indoor Sensor WGTH gl transfers temperature and humidity to the control system via radio. Several separate WGTH gl can be taught to one control system. The teaching is described in the chapter “Learn wireless connections” (manual of the control system).

The WGTH gl consists of the housing, the base plate and a frame. As an alternative to the supplied frame, a frame of the switch series used in the building may be used. You will additionally require a junction box (Ø 60 mm, 42 mm deep, not included in scope of delivery). For power supply (7…30 V DC), e. g. 12 V DC can be tapped from the connection board of the control unit (multifunctional input).