Elsner WS1000 Style-6, white

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Building / Conservatory Control for Shading, Window, Ventilation, Room Conditioning, Light


The WS1000 Style control system controls shading and ventilation, heatings, air conditioners and light. Connected motion and smoke detectors provide greater security.
Alongside the operating panel (central unit), the WS1000 Style provides a weather station and a radio-controlled indoor sensor WGTH-UP. The housing of the indoor sensor fits in 55mm switch frames and can therefore be seamlessly adjusted to the interior. By installing several sensors, individual room climates can be separately controlled.
Operation of the drives and devices at the glass touch display is exceptionally easy and comfortable. Drives can directly be moved manually. The automatic functions are adjusted individually in clearly structured menus. In idle mode, the display either turns off or the current weather is displayed: the sun travelling through the sky, rain or snow.