Zennio Iwac Out Keypad. In-Wall Access Controller For Outdoors Installation With Keypad – White


IWAC Out Keypad
In-Wall Access Controller for Outdoors installation with Keypad


IWAC Out Keypad is an access control device with a numeric keypad, powered only by the KNX bus, ensuring secure door opening through KNX Secure commands. Its robust IP56 and IK7 design make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
The operation of IWAC Out Keypad is simple and intuitive: it allows you to add new PINs directly from the keypad or request the device to generate them. It operates independently, without the need for a server.
Available in white and black, it features a proximity sensor that illuminates the entire keypad for easy identification. Furthermore, its top access LED provides instant visual confirmation.
Simplify access control with IWAC Out Keypad