Zennio Z50. Color capacitive touch panel (5″ display) – White

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Zennio Z50. Color capacitive touch panel (5″ display) – White



Color capacitive touch panel with 5″ display.


Color capacitive Touch panel with 5” display and a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels which allows a complete control of the installation thanks to its 12 fully customizable pages while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic. It has 2 analogue-digital inputs, internal temperature probe and 2 independent thermostats. It also incorporates a proximity sensor to detect activity for a quick start, as well as disabling the screensaver if configured. Moreover, it incorporates USB and Ethernet ports for program update.
Installation in European/British standard back box.

Advanced features can be activated with the following licenses:

  • Smartphone Control License – Remote control from smartphones and tablets through a mobile app:
    • Ref. 8500006 – Virtual License
    • Ref. ZLIC70RCBX – Box License
  • Video Intercom License – Integration with the video intercom systems:
    • Ref. 8500007 – Virtual License
    • Ref. ZLIC70VPBX – Box License
  • ZenVoice License – Voice Control License. Remote Control License is needed (Ref. ZLIC70RCBX/8500006):
    • Ref. 8500008 – Virtual License
    • Ref. ZLICZVBX – Box License

Available in white, anthracite and silver colours.
Licenses Generation tool: Zennio License Manager.
Accessories: temperature probe and motion sensor.