What is KNX?

Convenient, smart, affordable
and extremely energy efficient.


We can match and in most cases beat normal electrical quotes, but with K·N·Xtra you get the future.

KNX is convenient, smart, affordable  and energy efficient all bundled up into one cable. It is not just building automation the benefits go much deeper ,its comfort and lifestyle. Our system is the whole house, Power, Lights, Data, Tv and much more. We do the whole package. So how does it work?

Every devices we use in your home has its own intelligence, be it a sensor, switch, temperature controller and so on. They all have the ability to understand what state the house is in and communicate with one another

Every device is connected by a 24v communications wire, this is ran through the house at the prewire stage or later on in the event of a retrofit. This wire is the backbone of the system and takes the pace of the normal 230v cables used for switching of the lights and other devices. This also reduces complexity and the amount of wiring in the home

At this point the remaining wiring leaves directly from the switch board. This is where all the control will take place. Here we can add devices such as dimmers, smart phone control, security, music and normal switching modules.

KNX is an open protocol system meaning that anything can be adapted to it, you are not locked to any specific brand which helps keep the price low. We can use normal NZ switches or any other device from our collection like the glass panel touch screens. with the flexibility of the system  all this can be decided after the gib process, even where you want the switches can be left till last

KNX has a massive range of functionalities from lighting to heating to security and much more, if you can imagine it then we can do it for more information click here or get in contact with us today we look forward to working with you


One button to turn off the whole house as you leave. What about  use your phone when heading home to turn your entry light on? maybe turn up the heat pump? The choice is yours, You are in control.

energy efficient