What we can offer

KNXTRA can offer a large range of products, free consultation
and plans for what is best suited for any home

From Basic

From basic lighting controls to advance blind controls all from the touch of your smart phone or computer. KNXTRA is only limited by your imagination. Tell us what you want, and we will do our best to make it happen.

KNX Wholesale, product supply, training and full product support. We have our own team of trained and qualified KNX integrators who can also provide all the same electrical services as a registered electrician when required onsite. This helps electricians out of jam if we are assisting on the project

  • KNX Product Supply
  • KNX Installation advice
  • KNX Programming
  • Data and Communications
  • Assistance with 230v when integrating KNX
  • C-Bus upgrades

Not only do we offer friendly services, but we will bend over backwards to help you get what you need. If we don’t cover all the services you are after, then we will help find someone who can assist you in the remaining parts of your project. With our list of previously used tradesmen you will be guaranteed to get someone you can trust.

We are  one of New Zealand’s biggest wholesalers and offer full support to other electrical companies looking to install KNX. We give 24hour support to both the home owners and electricians and do our utmost to ensure all deliveries are on time. While offering all electrical services on KNX projects if needed

If we don’t have the stock your after we can get it, some more unique stock is hard to carry under some circumstances, but if it’s something a bit peculiar let us know. We are always happy to price up product and source what is needed to help you.

For any other enquires please don’t hesitate to ask and we will do our best to assist in any way possible.

To Comfort.