Cost. At the end of the day it all
comes back to this, Money.


And with our system money is saved in every aspect with our design. Whether time saved in installation costs, money saved due to lower power consumption and also the great product prices. This is due to our outstanding relationship with the manufacturers.

Great selling aspect, if you’re a housing company or building with the intention to sell, Knxtra will help you gain the attention your house deserves. Time to stand out from the norm.

The system is ever expanding once you have the KNX wire in your house it can be expanded on at any point in time, if you see products you want later on, once your house is completed it can easily be added on. Whether it is a touch screen controller or a weather station to help control existing lighting or blinds. Even if you have opted for a basic system there is nothing stopping you slowly upgrading to an advanced system.

Due to the lower amount of wiring, this drastically reduces the number of 230v cables in the house, not only lowering the fire risk but lowering the number of holes needed to be drilled ensuring your build stays structurally sound and lowers installation time.

Our system boasts 40 – 60% in energy savings compared to a standard New Zealand installation. Not only is this beneficial to the environment, it also benefits you, saving you money in your pocket with reduced power consumption every week.

Reduced complexity, reduced wiring and reduced installation costs. The way the system is designed helps reduce the amount of wiring in the home and the need to run two-way lighting cables ect, this is all done in the programming. With this system any switch can turn on any light in the home and can be change at any time giving you great flexibility.

We believe with K·N·XTRA anything is possible, give us a call and we will assist you in anyway we can.