BAB-TEC 04651s Flat Touch 101 fanless black

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CONTROL T2 keeps you in control.


CONTROL T2 keeps you in control.

The pre-installed software is the control and information centre for your building. Get information about the current traffic situation or call up weather data before you leave the building. An overview of the cameras can be called up just as easily as audio and video content from any source. Easily integrate selected Axis<sup® cameras via Plug & Play. Further IP cameras can be integrated just as easily. You can individualise your user interface directly in CONTROL T 2, and with the two available display variants (light and dark) you can adapt the user interface to the frame colour. In this way, you can transform every SMARTSURFACE into an individual control and information center. The software is pre-installed on every SMARTSURFACE free of charge.

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The FLATTOUCH impresses with its high-quality workmanship and the continuous touch surface, which is enclosed in a solid aluminium chassis. This makes it a robust, and with a depth from 38 mm, extremely flat touch panel PC with Vesa wall mount. Whether reception area, sales room, hospital or smarthome: The widescreen LED LCD and the support of multi-touch gestures make the FLATTOUCH a visually appealing control unit for any building visualisation. Together with the pre-installed launch software CONTROL 2, the FLATTOUCH, available in four sizes, becomes your individual information center for your project.